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Ramadan 2020

Ramadan is April 23rd - May 23rd this year!

Due to the COVID-19, Ramadan will look very different this year. Not only will it be different for the Muslims that are observing this holiday, but also for all of the Non-Muslims that are typically invited as guests to share in the festivities, food, and laughter of the major social aspect of Ramadan.

We have come up with a few creative ways to practice social distancing and still maintain some social-ness and shared hospitality of those from different faiths and cultures.

If you are not on our mailing list, please make sure that you sign up below or that you like our Facebook pages to stay up to date on all we have planned! The month of Ramadan is typically a packed calendar for us!


We are so grateful to those that are opening up their homes to share with us during their fast breaking time during this holy month of Ramadan. We have enjoyed being "virtual guests" Many of us have had the opportunity to be physical guests during the Holy month of Ramadan and we know that this year it's been an adjustment to not be able to get together. We look forward to ending the month of Ramdan with a few more.

We would like to thank Dr Aydin for holding the last Iftar of Ramadan at his house for those that weren't able to make any of the other Iftars and for sharing in this special month with all of us.