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Open Dialogue Night: The American Constitution and Religion

Open Dialogue Night: The American Constitution and Religion

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September 26th, the Atlantic Institute convened at the Hughes Main Library in downtown Greenville for our continuing series of Open Dialogue Nights. The focus of this Open Dialogue was the US Constitution and how it pertains to Religious freedoms. Speakers Dr. Peter Cohen and Rick Hahnenberg hosted the event and lead rigorous dialogue on the subject, which opened with President John F Kennedy’s timeless speech on the issue.

Dr. Peter Cohen is a Senior Lecturer in Religion at Clemson University. Rick Hahnenberg is the President of the Upstate SC chapter of Americans United. These two succinctly discussed the history of religious persecution and acceptance as it pertains to the Constitution. Discussing current events and past political events helped jumpstart the conversation. We would like the thank the participants for their openness, and willingness to lead a discussion.