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Service Appreciation Program

SAP logoThe Atlantic Institute is bringing back the Service Appreciation Program for educators in South Carolina! We have gone back to the white board this year to deliver a program that seeks to show our thanks to educators in the state with a simple, humble gift. In previous years, we have given gifts of food as a way of showing our thanks. This year, we are hoping to deliver something more practical: a dry-erase marker.

If you’ve ever seen a teacher go to write on the board and the only marker available to them is out of ink, you know how frustrating it can be. Schools generally offer only a limited amount of these supplies every semester, meaning it is not unusual for educators to have to purchase their own pens, pencils, and white-board markers. By providing this small gift, we are hoping to make the efforts of those who make such major impacts on our children’s lives a little easier and less frustrating.

The cost of getting specially branded, reliable white-board markers is between .75 cents and a dollar per marker with the expense getting smaller if the markers are bought in bulk. In South Carolina, most school districts employee between 150 and 300 educators. We wish to service as many schools as possible throughout the entire state, but we need sponsors and donors to make this project a reality!

We feel this can be a great way to market your small business or organization in a particular area or district. All markers gifted can include your company logo, contact information, or any message you’d like to include! Good will goes a long way, and this program can potentially reach thousands of people in the state who will be thankful to your business! If you, your business, or your organization would like to help us sponsor a school, a school district, or even an individual educator please let us know or fill out the donor form below.



The Service Appreciation Program has been kicked off in Greenville!

 Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School

The Service Appreciation Program has been kicked off in Greenville!On March 23rd we visited Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School with a wonderful assortment of fruit and snacks to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication that their teachers and staff put towards educating today's youth. They enjoyed their treats to munch on during their Faculty Meeting.

We look forward to visiting other schools on our list over the year...Next up is Beck Academy - International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in April! We can't wait to drop them off something!


Beck Academy. International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program

The Greenville Atlantic Institute Branch, in partnership with Costco, brought 120 apples to the teachers and staff at Beck Academy- International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. This is a wonderful International school whose mission is to meet the academic needs of our culturally diverse student body in a safe environment that nurtures, accepts, and encourages all students to be productive citizens of the global community, life-long learners, and future leaders.
We'd like to thank Ms Toney for the opportunity to be able to share our appreciation for the wonderful services you provide for the community.


January 20, 2016

JL Mann, Greenville High and Travelers Rest High Schools

Atlantic Institute and it's Volunteers traveled to three schools on January 20th delivering approximately 400 apples to JL Mann, Greenville High and Travelers Rest High Schools. It was great to meet the staff and thank them for their service of teaching our youth. We look forward to visiting more schools and working with Aldridge Produce for our apples. 


January 29, 2016

Greenville Middle, Southside High School and Greer Middle College Charter High School.

This week the Greenville office delivered apples to three more schools. Greenville Middle, Southside High School and Greer Middle College Charter High School. We love our Teachers!