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Women in Islam

Women in Islam

On Wednesday evening, October 5, at Furman University, over 100 people participated in an inspiring and insightful dialogue. A panel of four Muslim women who live and work in Greenville were forthright in answering questions about their personal lives, insights and experiences. The panelists also thoughtfully and meaningfully connected their responses to the reality of the larger world. Topics included personal experience as a woman within Islam, prejudice in non-Muslim cultures, reports of oppression of women in Muslim majority countries, the media, and how we can build bridges between cultures.

Briefly, some opinions expressed by the panel were: (1) Women experience cultural and religious discrimination all over the world. (2) Much of what is identified as religious attitudes and actions are actually cultural attitudes and actions which the culture identifies as religiously based. (3) None of the Muslim majority countries represent Islam well. (4) Stereotypes of victims, oppressors, aggressors and religious believers are often erroneous because of unfamiliarity with the culture. (5) The best way to build bridges is to come together and dialogue.

The evening ended with Noah's Pudding being served as a refreshment for all to try.